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The anniversary time travel TimeArt Show brings the myth and the flair of the past century to your stage

The TimeArt show consists of an exciting interplay between cinematic flashbacks into the respective eras and sweeping live music by the TimeArt Band.

The history of music and time - live at your anniversary

At the beginning of each period you will experience the events and the zeitgeist of the relevant era in an historical film clip. Inspiring music medleys of hits from that time and fascinating live video art on your screen will follow this.

The journey begins with an animated clock, which flips back to the founding year of your company starting with the current year.

The cinematic interplay of historical movies with customized content (videos, photos, etc.) implies the impression that your company has always been and still is part of world history.

Optionally, adding video projections in the room can support the media presentation. The perfect illusion of a "changing living room" is created. The TimeArt Show has already been successfully staged and implemented by us in different variations. We are happy to find out the perfect design for your individual event format in a joint meeting.

Experience 100, 50 or as many years of music and story time you desire - live on your anniversary - and let the TimeArt Show send you back through time into the respective eras!