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HOPE – the Musical

The musical HOPE by Randall Hutchins (author and composer) and Roberto Emmanuele (movie director and producer) is a genuine project of the heart for MOVE. The musical is staged in two parallel storylines and tells two moving stories: It is the year 2008 and we look behind the scenes of the current U.S. president Barack Obama's career. At the same time we see the social events through the eyes of a multicultural neighborhood in Chicago. An economically and politically tense situation causes social and societal frictions and emotions, which create a new zeitgeist.


"HOPE" traces the meteoric rise of Barack Obama as a behind the scenes story. In this interpretation we sympathize with the emotions of the president and his wife Michelle. In the circle of the real figures come e.g. Michelle's mother and politician John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin on.

At the same time we see the social events from the perspective of a multi-cultural residential community living in Chicago. In the center of these fictional characters is an African American family. The mother is a Obama supporter and is very involved in the campaign. Her husband is a convinced non-voter. The circle also includes a Puerto Rican who is temporarily residing with the family, and a widowed German-American. She is politically interested and a long-standing supporter of the Republicans.

People from different backgrounds and political camps are united in the hope for a new beginning. The battle of the 44th U.S. presidential elections moves into their daily lives. The presidential candidate Barack Obama starts moving the people in a previously unprecedented way. Despite all their differences they begin to hope for a better future together. "YES WE CAN" - the musical HOPE picks up this slogan, and brings an emotionally charged, exciting and musically star-studded show to the stage.

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