Range of Music Production Services

  • Composition, arranging and producing music of any style in our own recording studio
  • Advice on choosing music for events
  • Creation of backing tracks for singers and soloists
  • Scoring of movies, film clips and videos
  • Orchestration / instrumentation of existing music
  • Creation of company songs and music logos
  • Post-Production, Mixing and Mastering - Improvement your audio material

"Set the tone"

One can not speak about music - one has to hear it. None of the arts speak to the emotional aspects of people as immediate and direct as music. Whether it's your own company song, the musical score of the video or the right musical setting for your event: Our composer and music producer Tom Schl├╝ter himself takes your musical needs and emphasizes your message effectively. His music is emotional, dramatical, sensitive, exciting - always with the right feeling for the adequate support of your visions and images. His decades of experience as a trained pianist and successful music producer (including Head of RTL-night show band, music producer for SAT1, conductor and musical director of the musical Tommy and pianist of the hr-jazz ensemble) characterize him as a savvy and profound musicians. You can entrust him your topics in terms of music with a clear conscience.

Event Sound Design

"The right music for every moment!"

It's no different than in the movies: Only the right music makes your event an emotional experience. The careful selection of the right mood, the development and production of the musical and acoustic parameters make the event an exciting and energetic happening. Awkward pauses that can typically occur repeatedly because of technical uncertainties, are absorbed by intelligent use of the musical spectrum. Intro music, presentation music, jingles, and suspense music provide varied themes underlining the different moods. Through our unique live sampler, we are able to respond musically adequately to the different situations at any time of the event. We capture, emphasize or convert, the energy in the room "online" depending on what is required in the appropriate moment . Talk to us, we will gladly explain how we do it in more detail!

In addition, we naturally compose and produce in advance the music for all video and media recordings /media clips for the event . (See also media-scoring below ...)


Have you tried this before? Turn off the sound during a thrilling film scene and watch what happens: the movie scene is no longer exciting! Now turn the sound back on and the picture off: The scene stays exciting! Through the music that underscores the emotion of the images, they gain a higher quality and convey the message much stronger. Media-Scoring from MOVE: This is where specialists meet specialists!

Corporate Song

Everyone knows them from advertising: Songs that increase the recognition value of a product or company. Whether in television and radio advertising, as mobile phone ring tone or simply as background music for your website and your phone queue: We realize your own musical calling card.

Optionally lyrics can be professionally customized to your company which embody your company's philosophy. Of course we can showcase this song as a live act for your gala event. We are pleased to advise you and professionally assist you in determining your needs and developing custom music for your business.

Music Logo

The Music logo is a short and concise musical memory feature in which the listener thinks of your company or your product, and associates positively. It can act as a short "reminder" in combination with your company's song or be a recurring musical theme for your event and create an artistic corporate identity.