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Elements in Concert
Hope Musical
Classic meets Pop
Global Spirit

Two-time winner of the BEA Event Awards 2010

With Elements in Concert your guests experience the elements of fire, water, earth and air in a fascinating performance. The show takes viewers into dreamlike worlds and simultaneously connects to the current environmental issues and sustainability. Unmatched power and beauty of nature in a unique Media Art Performance.


The audience experiences the combination of live music, artistry and video art. Projections transmitted via video join the live-action to form an impressive spectacle of media and nature. Elements in Concert draws attention to the sensitive issue of the environment with focus on the beauty of nature. The show encourages sustainable thinking in a playful and moving manner. It directs our attention to strong emotional images that we preserve our environment and make positive. The audience is inspired and won over to this contemporary topic.

The mystical depths of water are shown in choreography of light and flowing body movement produced by MOVE and Lotta Svalberg . Live singing is combined with earthy tones and artistry. Visions and dances of Africa create fantastic rhythm that leads into interplay between gorgeous sky images and dynamic aerial acrobatics. With "Fire Dance" viewers experience the power of blazing fire - from the passionate romantic pas de deux to the fiery explosive finale. Multimedia visions, dancers, musicians and acrobats accompany through the world of the elements.

Especially composed music performed by first class artists, meets artistry, video art and multimedia technology.

Authenticity and passion inspire the audience, fascinated by the artistic spectacle of nature.

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